Indoor Archery

Shoot Your Way Across Texas Indoor

This is a state wide "league" held primarily during the winter (November - February). Tournaments are hosted by various shops or clubs around the state. Any archer can compete in the events but you must be a NFAA/TFAA Member to compete for the SYWAT Aggregate/Tour Champion award. N.F.A.A. divisions and shooting styles will be in effect.

SYWAT Indoor - Aggregate/Tour Champion Award

This goes to the top scoring shooter in their respective division and style for the SYWAT Indoor Season. Prior to each season the TFAA Board will determine the number of SYWAT events required as a minimum to be eligible for the SYWAT Tour/Aggregate Award. This number of SYWAT events plus all or part of your TFAA State Indoor Championship scores will be added together to determine the SYWAT Aggregate/Tour Champion for each division and style. You can only win for one division and style. The Aggregate/Tour Champion award will be presented at the awards ceremony during the TFAA State Indoor Championship.

SYWAT Indoor - Individual Awards

Each individual SYWAT event is it's own tournament. Winners for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be recorded for individual award purposes. Individual awards will be created and made available for pick-up at the TFAA State Indoor Championship. The individual award is a single award listing the location and place for each individual event, where the individual actually placed.


Top 3 places in each division/style will receive an award regardless of the number of participants.

Indoor Archery

SYWAT Indoor Tour Requirements

(combined perfect score 1200-240x)

Best 3 scores from SYWAT Indoor events

1st day score from the TFAA State Indoor Championship

Shoot as many SYWAT events as you wish, only your top scores will be used. You shoot the same location on the same weekend multiple times but only the highest score will count towards the SYWAT awards.

Questions or comments?? Please contact the TFAA Tournament Director for more details.

For a complete list of SYWAT Indoor Events check the TFAA Tournament Schedule.